P R O S   B O R D E R S

Our Policies

  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy
  • Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Pros Borders appreciates the benefits of an organisation with a ‘safety conscious’ attitude. We recognise that by maintaining a safe work environment will come, not only a minimisation of the risk of injury, but also improved productivity as the workforce is able to confidently focus on the job at hand.

Safety demands cooperation on everyone’s part. Thus, it is important that communication be kept open at all times between the management and employees. Workers who notice hazards or other safety problems, or feel that they need additional training, must notify their supervisor. Supervisors and management must address these concerns and take corrective action when warranted.

Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Pros Borders is committed to protecting the environment. We are committed to ensuring our operations are conducted in a manner that prevents pollution, preserves natural resources and conserves all heritages. We are focused on pursuing our corporate responsibility to minimise impact to land, water, air, flora and fauna.

We are committed to responding to the daily environmental challenges that we encounter in our business and hope to contribute to the foundation of an environmentally sustainable future for our community and future generations. This policy shall be approved by top management, communicated and agreed to by all staff and subcontractors so that all persons working for or on behalf of Pros Borders are committed to environmental protection while going about their work.